(21:13) [guenther_k] small club scene. has its positive and negative sides
[myasz] do u have any website or blog wher i can find some cool spots
[myasz] places to stay
(21:14) [guenther_k] flex is the « cool spot »
(21:14) [guenther_k] alos kamer club
(21:14) [guenther_k] kamera club
[myasz] ok
(21:14) [guenther_k] the « donau » is also a nice place
[myasz] any cool districts with some interesting spots
[myasz] ?
[myasz] i mean shopping
[myasz] ones
(21:15) [guenther_k] nice people in the 7th district
[myasz] ok
[myasz] thx a lot
(21:15) [guenther_k] and lot of small bars with good music
(21:15) [guenther_k] shopping too


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